About Me

Jared is a photographer based out of Tennessee that specializes in outdoor, lifestyle, travel, commercial, and portrait photography. Jared was originally born in New Zealand, where his passion and fire for adventure was ignited. He is known for his stunning adventure and landscape photos, that are unique, captivating, and inspiring. His photography has taken him throughout much of the United States, 4 European countries, Australia and New Zealand. His work has been featured in publications such as AAA magazine, Blue Ridge Outdoors and Our State Magazine. Jared's main passions, besides photography include: hiking, spontaneous travel, van life, longboarding, mountain biking, and healthy living.

Why Work with me?

When it comes down to investing in a photographer, choices are almost endless these days. It can be overwhelming trying to decide who is the right fit for you, and who will best meet your goals and desires. Over the past few years, I have dedicated thousands of hours into fine tuning my craft of photography. I have developed a knack for beautiful lighting and exposure, admirable color grading/editing, and an eye for the perfect composition. I believe my most notable trait, is my versatility within the realm of photography. I have experience in a vast range of different genres, which means I have the ability to adapt to many circumstances while still creating exemplary work.

Whether it may be commercial, landscape, lifestyle, or wedding photography, I am very capable of meeting your needs, and look forward to meeting you.